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7 Smart Safety Strategies for Using Your Clothes Dryer

Using a clothes dryer is very convenient; however, it can also be risky if you neglect to take certain safety precautions. Every year, many homes experience fires because of dryers. With a few smart safety strategies, you can ensure the protection of your family and property while adding convenience to your laundry routine. Here are seven tips for using your dryer safely.

1. Clean the Lint Filter

Always clean out the lint filter before or after each use. Lint is not merely annoying fluff. It is highly flammable. A clean filter not only prevents fires, but taking this measure also helps your dryer work more efficiently.

2. Check the Vent Pipe

The vent pipe sends hot air and lint outside your home. Make sure it is not squished behind your dryer and that it is free of holes or tears. A clear path that allows the air to move freely reduces the risk of fire.

3. Regularly Inspect the Outside Vent

Go outside and look at the dryer vent from time to time. It should be clear of debris like leaves or bird nests. A blocked vent can cause heat and lint to accumulate to the point of being dangerous. This is also a severe fire risk that can potentially cause the loss of property or even the lives of people or pets.

4. Keep the Area Around Your Dryer Clean

Keep the area around your dryer free of things that can catch fire, such as boxes, cleaning supplies or clothes. A tidy laundry room is not only nice to see, but it is also safer.

5. Never Run the Dryer When You Are Not Home

It might be tempting to run your dryer while you are out running errands or in bed for the night; however, it is much safer to be home while it is running. If something goes wrong, you will be there to catch it early.

6. Do Not Overload the Dryer

Stuffing your dryer too full might seem like a time-saver, but it makes the dryer work harder and increases the risk of overheating. If your dryer is fairly new and you purchased it yourself, you will likely have a manual that will provide you with guidance regarding safe load sizes. If your dryer is older and you do not have a manual, then you want to put half a dozen bath towels or about 10 to 12 pounds of wet laundry in it if your dryer is full-sized. If you have a compact dryer, then you want to reduce the load size to half the capacity of a full-sized dryer, which means you will want to include no more than three bath towels or five to six pounds of wet laundry.

7. Get Your Dryer Serviced Regularly

Have a professional appliance repair technician check and service your dryer once each year. They can spot issues you might miss and help keep your dryer in top shape. During your service appointment, the technician can also professionally clean out your dryer vent.

With these strategies, you can dry your clothes without worrying about causing safety hazards. If you do find you need dryer repair at your home in Rochester, MN, call Rochester Appliance Service for a competent solution right away.