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Let’s say you finish a load in your dryer, but your laundry is still wet. Or maybe your washing machine started buzzing and humming loudly during every cycle. What could possibly be happening? The experts at Rochester Appliance Service will help you figure it out!

We know it can be annoying to lose access to your washing machine or dryer. You don’t appreciate how convenient it is to be able to do laundry in your own home until it is no longer an option. And it can be expensive to do laundry out of your own home too, either at an automated laundromat or a staffed dry cleaner business. So, call us, and we’ll offer washer and dryer repair in Rochester, MN and the surrounding communities at a fair price. Trust us as our local neighbors have trusted us for the last 40 years.

What Is Wrong With My Washer Or Dryer?

It’s hard to know whether the issue you’re seeing with your washer or dryer is critical or something that can be easily fixed. You can always call us at (507) 710-1385 to ask about the issue you’re experiencing and have a repair expert look at your laundry appliances. But it can be helpful to know what you may need, based on the type of flaw you’ve noticed.

Washing Machine Or Dryer Won’t Start

This is an incredibly common problem, which can have a very simple fix, depending on the cause. Sometimes, washers will vibrate so much during a load of laundry that they come unplugged from their power supply. It is also possible that a fuse has blown or there is an issue with the outlet your dryer or washing machine is plugged into. There may even be a problem with the door, which needs to be completely closed and latched before front-loading washers and dryers will start. If you’ve tested the above and still can’t find the solution, it is possible there is a more serious problem at play, like a defective washing machine motor or a faulty dryer thermostat. It is best in this case to call for washer or dryer repair in Rochester, MN.

Washer Does Not Drain

This could be caused by a kink or clog in the hose. Over time, obstructions may form, and you’ll need to clean out the hose or have a professional look at it. Our appliance repair technicians are happy to diagnose what’s happening with your washing machine, whether it can be solved with by simply removing a blockage or it requires a more extensive repair.

Dryer Does Not Heat

This could be due to a clogged filter or vent, which both should be cleaned on a regular basis. You may also have a broken thermostat or heating elements, all of which should be fixed by an appliance repair technician with the proper expertise and tools.

Dryer or Washing Machine Vibrate More Than Usual

If you notice this with only one load of laundry, you may want to run another load to make sure it wasn’t just a one-off situation. Sometimes an overloaded machine can vibrate more. It’s also possible that your washer and dryer are not level.

Vibrations can cause serious problems if left unchecked, so contact Rochester Appliance Service if you cannot solve this yourself (or don’t know how to). Washer and dryer repair in Rochester, MN is crucial to ensure you don’t have to fully replace your laundry appliances before their standard lifespan is up.