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3 Simple Things You Can Do to Keep Your Freezer in Good Condition

All freezers function well initially, but you want yours to continue to operate well for many years. Keep your freezer in excellent condition by taking care of it. Besides following the advice in the manual, here are some simple maintenance tasks to keep your freezer running like-new.

1. Clean the Interior

Keeping the freezer clean keeps ice buildup low and odors at bay. Dish soap and water will clean the area nicely. Place an open baking soda box inside the freezer to absorb foul odors. Unplugging the unit before cleaning helps stuck-on ice thaw for easy removal.

Clean the interior, exterior, door, and seals. Seals are the accordion-looking door pieces used to seal cold air inside and keep warm air out. For hard-to-remove ice pieces, attempt removal after the ice has been thawed.

The best time to clean the freezer is when you’re low on food. Transfer the few remaining items to the freezer door or an ice chest cooler when you clean. After the freezer dries, move the food back to the cleaned-up section of the freezer and then clean the door and the exterior.

2. Maintain a Zero-Degree Temperature

A cold freezer keeps food from spoiling. A zero-degree Fahrenheit temperature is ideal. Read the built-in thermometer to see how frigid it gets inside. You can also place a thermometer inside the freezer overnight to determine the freezer temperature. Adjust the controls to zero degrees if the temperature is warmer or colder. 

3. Keep the Coils Clean

The condenser coils are the curvy or wavy metal wires attached to the back of your refrigerator. They may be in the back near the bottom of the unit behind a mesh-looking cover called the base grille. The coils scatter heat away from the freezer, which keeps temperatures low inside. Dirty coils have to work harder to remove heat. Have these coiled cleaned one to four times yearly to keep the freezer cold.

Unplug the unit and keep the freezer and refrigerator doors closed before you clean it. The coils at the bottom need the base grille removed to be cleaned and reattached after cleaning. Use a hand-held vacuum cleaner or duster to remove dust from the coils. Sweep or vacuum fallen debris on the floor and plug the extension cord back in. Move the unit to leave an inch of space between the refrigerator and the wall and 3 inches of space on the sides.

While you can perform the above tasks to clean your freezer, if it breaks down, never fix it yourself. Rely on an experienced appliance repair technician instead. A technician from our company will inspect and diagnose problems in the interior and exterior of the freezer. Our goal will be to get your freezer back in working order. Contact Rochester Appliance Service in Rochester, MN to learn about our freezer and refrigerator repair services.